Saturday, December 16, 2000

How to show your love for the subway

1) Join Metro's Westside Subway Extension Facebook group. (Really!)
2) Are you a blogger? Download this jpeg and post it in your blog template.
3) Attend update meetings of the Westside Subway Extension - and make public comments!
4) Get your geek on

Other ideas
  • Bumper stickers (for bikes and bags, silly): I'd rather be riding the subway 
  • Mug: Decorated with the Wilshire Subway
  • Testimonials on this page
  • Check out this Flickr feed
  • Add this blog to your blog reader

(A working list of) very important links

Politico Fans of the subway
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
3rd District LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Westside Subway Extension on Facebook
Subway to the Sea Coalition
FAST (Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic)
Building LA's Future
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
American Lung Association (LA Chapter)

Blogger Friends of the Subway
  • Misha Silin
  • Brigham Yen
  • Darrell Clark

Monday, November 20, 2000

About The LA Subway Blog

Welcome to the LA Subway Blog by Juan Matute.

Disclosure: Anything said or done here is definitely of my own accord and by no means reflects any opinion taken by my employers.

Back to the fun stuff:
My goal is to turn the LA Subway Blog into the informal online home for the Westside Subway Extension. I also like to talk about the things that also happened along the way to the Wilshire Subway. (This page is definitely a work in progress!)

Here, you'll find (eventually):
  • Subway Timeline
  • Subway History
  • Subway Documents

Saturday, January 1, 2000

Subway History

Coming Soon.  For now, read a short review of The Thin Red Line- a history of the Wilshire Subway.

About the Westside Subway Extension

Always a work in progress!

This Metro produced video provides a good overview of the subway project and how to get involved.

Visit for official information about the Subway


From Metro
Subway Supporters
  • MoveLA, a coalition of grassroots organizations, civic leaders, and private sector leaders who are actively advocating for the Wilshire Subway extension
  • Subway to the Sea Coalition
  • Bruins for Traffic Relief
  • UCLA