Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Notes & Links from Metro ETC Meeting

On 4/21 Sirinya gave a presentation on using new media to market alternative modes to a group of Employee Transportation Coordinators at Metro

¤People want to feel connected, even if it is remotely through online social networking
¤To change travel behavior – and ultimately, that is what ETCs seek to do – you have to figure out how to reach out to your target population
¤If your target population is a cohort that is educated, technologically savvy, then you have to meet them through their social mediums
¤You have to create buzz – give people something to talk about – and online social networking tools can help you do that.
¤Finally: Online social networking, Web 2.0, and other options have the potential to provide useful information when alternative mode commuters want or need it.


¤Bruins for Traffic Facebook Group
¤Measure R campaign
¤See our pictures at www.tinyurl.com/btr-pictures
¤Los Angeles Wants Google Transit
¤Facebook www.facebook.com
¤Twitter www.twitter.com
¤First tweet about Miracle on Hudson: http://twitpic.com/135xa
¤Google Products
¤Google Transit www.google.com/transit
¤Google Latitude www.google.com/latitude
¤Google Maps www.maps.google.com
¤San Francisco Webcam Network
¤Online ridematching meets social networking
¤PickupPal: www.pickuppal.com

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