Friday, August 14, 2009

The Hunt continues: Checked out the Charmont

On Friday, I looked at two units inside The Charmont, Juan's apartment building in Santa Monica to get a sense of what nicer, bigger units looked like.

First, we saw a one-bedroom unit that is on the market for $1,900. It is 725 square feet, includes 3 closets, and is freshly renovated.
Kitchen inside the one bedroom unit

The one bedrooms inside the Charmont are beyond what Juan and I can pay, so we asked about studios in the building. Diane, the manager of the Charmont, showed us a 525 square foot studio on the market for about $1560 a month. This studio has three closets (one coat closet behind the door; one closet in the main room; and a walk-in closet/dressing area, complete with make-up table that could be a work station.

One view from the main room in the studio; our bed could go in the corner pictured in this photo.

Kitchen inside the studio. Older electric stove.

Bathroom: It has the same small sink as Juan's apartment

Desk/make-up table in the dressing area

Now Juan and I need to do some more thinking.

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