Thursday, November 5, 2009

Subway meeting in Westwood/VA tonight

Tonight, the Metro Westside Subway Extension team is hosting its last gathering in this round of meetings. It'll be at the Wadsworth Theater on the north side of the VA between 6 and 8p.m. Bruins for Traffic Relief and some of my colleagues from UCLA Transportation will be attending. (I'll be there with Juan as laypeople.) This meeting will be kind of like a charette; after the presentation, we'll be divided into groups to provide feedback on a series of renderings of proposed station locations and designs.

So what's a charette?
A charette is a meeting format which brings together stakeholders to develop design solutions. It's commonly used in urban planning design. Some charettes bring people, including residents, developers, and municipal officials, together for several intense days of brainstorming on a potential design for an area.

Come back to the LA Subway Blog for a recap of tonight's events!

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