Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Big Blue Bus on Google Transit!

Big Blue Bus has raised fares and changed schedules, but they're still not on Google Transit. They've consistently promised to go on Google Transit but this promise has been consistently delayed. Pressure Big Blue Bus to join Google Transit by signing the petition below and getting your friends to do the same:

In two weeks, we will present them with the petition, and work to get them on Google Transit. If they fail to respond with a date and plan to get on Google Transit, we will raise the issue with the City Council and major customers of Big Blue Bus, such as UCLA and Santa Monica College.

As we saw with Metro, there is strength in numbers. Let's get the Big Blue Bus to realize how many of their frequent, occasional, and potential riders value Google Transit.

Petition wording:
To:  Santa Monica Big Blue Bus

Whereas, we ride transit regularly and would benefit from better schedule information or would ride transit more often if schedule information were easier to access.

Whereas, many of us use Google Maps to locate businesses, and find driving, biking, walking, or transit directions, and we find this interface familiar and easy to use.

Whereas, Google Maps for Mobile is available for or included with the four leading smart phone operating systems: Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, and WebOS.

Whereas, the unavailability of Big Blue Bus directions on Google Transit creates unnecessary confusion for transit riders who use Big Blue Bus.

We hereby request the following:

1) That by 10/30/10, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus commit to and publicize a date by which its scheduling data will be available on Google Maps (Google Transit); and,
2) The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus publicize its progression through the steps needed to migrate its data to the GTFS format, reach a licensing agreement with Google, upload the data to Google, test the data, and make the data available to users of Google Maps for Mobile or the Google Maps Web Site.


Gary said...

I heard about the petition on Twitter and signed it. I've also been pestering BBB myself for a while, and had followed saga when Green LA Girl first started covering issues in 2008. I wrote my own blog post to help get the word out.

BBB: Dan D said...

Regarding your concerns about BBB not being on Google Transit yet, we had expected to go live a few months ago but encountered some software issues. We had to go to the people who developed the software to have this issue correct. We now think the issue has been resolved, and the data is currently with Google Transit for their review.

I thought you might also like to know Big Blue Bus is working to implement several new technology programs that will put transit information at riders fingers tips, and not just scheduled times, but real time info. We are working on a bus stop redevelopment program that will include real time signs at over 94 of our busiest bus stops in Santa Monica, a new automated voice automated system that will give cell phone users real time bus arrival info 24/7, a new website with trip planning function and real time information, a phone version of the website where web-enabled phones can get real time info, and aps for the i-phone and other devices. We’ll be sure to let you know when these become available.

Juan Matute said...

thanks for the info, Dan. I look forward to using it when it's available. It sounds like it won't be long.

Justin said...

As a transit driver, I really find transit maps on Goggle something that seems beneficial for both passengers and drivers. So many times, I get people on my buses that do not know where they are going. Now, while I don't mind answering questions about what colored route they need to transfer to; I do get annoyed that as I am attempting to stay on schedule, I find myself having to plan out someone’s whole day because they have no clue where they are going. I think putting the transit routes on Goggle allows for passengers to do their homework and save themselves time while helping me to stay on schedule.

M said...

That's wonderful, I didn't except the local bus companies to get with the program so immediately. I can't wait for the day that I xan cross the city comfortably.

M said...

That's wonderful, I didn't except the local bus companies to get with the program so immediately. I can't wait for the day that I xan cross the city comfortably.

M said...
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