Welcome to the LA Subway Blog by Juan and Sirinya Matute

Disclosure: Anything said or done here is definitely of our own accord and by no means reflects any opinion taken by our respective employers.

Back to the fun stuff:
We started blogging here back in the late 2000s, when we got into transit advocacy as graduate students studying urban planning at UCLA. We initially aspired to turn the LA Subway Blog into the informal online home for the Westside Subway Extension. However, Metro has done a wonderful job in maintaining a robust online presence for the project, spanning across metro.net plus Facebook, Twitter, and frequent and high quality email marketing. When Juan bought the URL, Metro's The Source had not yet been founded. The Source is an excellent news source and has stayed on top of the Westside Subway Extension, routinely sharing updates, links to other news articles about the project, and rebutting/offering clarifications about the project routinely.

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